Premium Locs

color 30 premium faux locs

Stylesbyprin is a premium faux locs specialist in Philadelphia. Premium Locs are handmade faux locs with a blend of synthetic hair and 100% Human Hair. This means that the curls are human hair and the faux locs and the hair used to wrap the faux locs upon install are synthetic. These Locs are customizable in color and length. Check out the pricing here. Because they are handmade, you can also install them yourself when you order your Premium Loc Kit! Haven’t installed faux locs before? Schedule a consultation here.

Premium Locs are available to clients in the Philadelphia area. At Stylesbyprin, every first-timer schedules a consultation for the stylist to understand your hair length and texture to help you make the best decision for your natural hair. Premium Locs come in one size and, as a rule of thumb, all clients with natural hair longer than 4 inches are typically good to go! Please do not bypass a consultation if you have not scheduled premium faux locs before and/or if you are seeking a customized color for your faux locs.
Please allow 14 business days for the premium locs to be made but if the locs are custom colored, allow an additional 5 business days before your installation date. This means once you are ready to schedule your premium locs install, book your appointment 14 business days ahead of the current date. If you are scheduling a custom color, please add the additional 5 business days and your stylist will follow up with a consultation call.
color 30 premium faux locs

3 easy step

How It works?

Here are some facts to know about the Stylesbyprin Premium Faux Locs install:


Premium Faux Locs are recommended for wear up to 3 months maximum


In between the 3 months of wear, a touch up appointment is suggested


You can wash your faux locs. Here is a tutorial!