Faux Locs


Bohemian (BOHO) and Celesté Locs:

Synthetic Hair is used for wrapping. You have the option to add human hair for the curls at the ends. Synthetic Locs look older with time. You can wash as well as moisturize+hydrate your scalp in these. You are not able to moisturize your hair that is inside the Loc. Locs can get wet but, will carry weight before drying completely. Celeste Locs are slightly lighter in weight than Boho Locs and come in 2 colors only. They come in only 2 colors as shown far below. You can also wash your scalp while you have them in.  Lasts 2.5 months with maintenance.

Premium Locs are a blend of Human and Synthetic hair and are realistic from day 1 of install. Some moisture will penetrate into your hair when you wash your hair & Locs, which gives the hair that is wrapped some way to absorb moisture. Locs are very light weight and flexible.  Does not get heavy when wet & You can swim in them! Lasts up to 5 months with maintenance.

100% Human Hair Locs are lightweight. 100% moisture received into hair wrapped underneath Locs when you wash them. Last up to 6 months+!!! You can wash them, you can swim in them. Click to request more info on how to book 100% Human LOCS!

View how to  wash+ hydrate+moisturize my hair before installing your Locs

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