Two Layer Feeding Braids

Two Layer Braids, also known as Feeding or Fulani Braids, are an indigenous hairstyle formulated by early ancestors of Africa. Today, it is considered a protective hairstyle, especially for coarse texture hair. Before you book, BE AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING:

  1. All Lengths start at waist level
  2. Stylesbyprin requires a deposit paid through Cash App.  Info provided at booking check out area.
  3. Location, is provided after deposits are made. Stylesbyprin is in the Northeast Philly area.
  4. For any of these styles, your hair MUST be blowdried straight for neat crisp braids. We do NOT want your hair all jacked up!
  5. ABSOLUTELY NO smoking or extra visitors allowed.

Happy booking! 🙂 Can’t wait too slay your look!!! #stylesbyprin

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