Traditional Boxed Braids


The image shown is medium-sized, mid-back length in color 1B (or natural black). The last two images shows are in small-size in color 33 with high lights of pink, color 33 (reddish brown), and color 4 (dark brown)� and color 27 (golden blonde)mixed, color 27 (golden blonde), color 30 (caramel brown) and color 4 (dark brown) mixed, color 350 (the reddish-orange that looks bright red). The images in the last two photos are a customized color mix. For customized traditional boxed braids, put in a request here.

Traditional boxed braids or regular boxed braids are always a go-to, especially after you have had a taste of all the new, trendy hairstyles! We value your edges and your hair growth journey so if you have been to stylists that have damaged your edges from traditional boxed braids, first of all, we are deeply sorry to hear that. At Stylesbyprin, we like to discuss your expectations during your appointment. Sometimes, clients want their edges braided into the braids and sometimes, they don’t, but during your appointment, you can expect to be consulted on what is best for your hair growth journey. We have realized that because of horrible experiences with stylists, clients want to try less evasive hairstyles, but we are here to create an environment where you have a say on how you want your boxed braids done and will have you leaving with little to no tension by the end of your appointment!


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