Warm Dark Toned Boho Locs ($345)

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1 review for Warm Dark Toned Boho Locs ($345)

  1. Taniesha

    Late June 2019 Princess did my locs. I did not leave my house without getting complimented and no one could tell that my locs were faux until I told them. I spent time in Miami and Jamaica that summer and it was the same there. I got so many compliments. The locs looked like natural, well taken care of locs. They were versatile and easy to style. I swam all summer long and while they were heavy when saturated, when I took the locs out, my hair was like silk. I couldn’t believe it. The style took a long time to install and 1/4 of the time to remove. It’s like a protective tubing around your hair and in just slides off fully in tact. I absolutely love this style. The care Princess took in helping me make the right choice and in creating the right color and dimensions was unmatchable. She is worth every dollar. She has also done exceptional box braids for me, my daughter and niece. Whatever you choose to have her install you will not be disappointed.

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