Soft Locs

long ombre soft locs 1B/350
boho soft locs in color 1b 350

What are Soft locs?

long ombre soft locs 1B/350
Soft locs are premade crochet faux locs created with synthetic hair. The average client has 55 locs installed. Depending on your head size, the locs may have less strands or more. Soft locs are very lightweight, highly manageable, and flexible. With Stylesbyprin, soft locs in philadelphia are always customizable. You have the option to add a boho effect by adding curls (with 100% human hair)! This is perfect for the ladies traveling on vacation or want to try something new.
Ombre soft locs are also a great option for those that want to try color but want their roots to remain in a natural color. The soft locs shown in the image above is the ombre color TT/350. Notice how the color is natural and effortless. It’s just beautiful! If you are not sure what length or color to decide on, it is advised to schedule a consultation. During this call, we go over what style you have in mind and figure out what works best for your natural hair. Like the other services Stylesbyprin provides, your natural hair needs to be at least four inches or longer. This is the minimum requirement, however, during a facetime consultation, the stylist will be able to see your natural hair and gain more insight on your hair texture for better recommendation.
long black soft locs